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Nutrition That Saves Lives

Nutrition That Saves Lives
Posted By Tess Chia On 23 September 2010 (10:34 am)
Preventing ill health from even beginning-that's the mission of Healthystars, a personal wellness chain of stores.

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John Lynn Chien Yu, 52, is the founder and clinical nutritionist of Healthy-stars, a chain of personal wellness stores that offers diagnostics systems, coupled with the use of preventive solutions.

Lynn has a business degree and a post-diploma in nutrition. He is now pursuing a Masters in Human Nutrition at the Deakin University of Melbourne, renowned for its life sciences and nutrition programs.

Prior to entering the field of nutrition, the fit father of three grown children was in healthcare information technology for two decades, and used to work for multi-national corporations dealing with information systems for hospitals and other organisations.

A turning point of his life came when he got to know Professor Wong P.K., the former dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the National University of Singapore, who taught him a great deal about nutrition.

Inspired, Lynn traveled to the United States and visited a number of health and nutrition companies. He became acquainted with many nutritionists and elderly professors who were in the pink of health despite their advanced age. They had an innate understanding of the body's self-healing properties, and Lynn gleaned many valuable insights from them. His orientation of health changed from medicine and intervention to holistic wellness-"The healing of our bodies is innate and problems occur only when there are too many obstacles in its way of healing."

Lynn's passion for wellness and nutrition was further solidified when a string of health crises struck his family in the late 1990s. His sister-in-law, auntie and mother were diagnosed with cancer, and it was extremely difficult for him to watch them cope with the ravages of the disease, and the chemotherapy treatment. "It was an extremely stressful period watching them suffer -I found the treatments to be draconian."

He began to use his knowledge of nutrition that was gained over the years to help them. His sister-in-law had an egg-sized tumor in her breast, and the cancer spread to her brain. She was given a few months to live by her doctors, but is miraculously alive and well today. Another sister-in-law of Lynn accepted his advice on lifestyle changes and was also cured of diabetes.

Despite these successes, Lynn recognizes that disease is the domain of medicine; Healthystars does not deal with disease. Unlike doctors, he does not treat cancer or diabetes, but aims to improve his patients' eight bodily functions, which include metabolism and circulation. When all these systems are functioning properly, those who are ill are more likely to get well and recover from serious, life-threatening diseases -"The solution is to go back to how the health problem came about. We are never medicine deficient, but we commonly eat deficient food."

He takes heart in knowing that he has made a difference in the lives of others. One particularly memorable example was when a lecturer from a local university was diagnosed with breast cancer. She went through one round of chemotherapy and it made her so sick and depressed, she wanted to give up the battle with cancer there and then. She visited Lynn at Healthystars and was certified cancer-free after one year.

"Cancer patients should not just fight the battle at the tumor level, for it is at the end of the production line. The battle must be fought from the beginning to the end. Your mindset and overall well-being also matter. It is also important that we starve the tumor and deplete it of the nutrients that it requires-such as fake estrogen from foods containing animal steroids," says Lynn.

Having seen countless people suffer from cancer, Lynn is determined to do his part to help cancer patients get better. "Cancer killed seven percent of our population in the 1950s, and now the number has shot up to 30 percent within one generation. This is abnormal. I believe this has to do with the fact that we live in a chemical-laden world, where our food items contain many chemicals -a fact that is unbeknownst to many. For example, do you know that fishballs contain polymer, a fabric strengthener? Knowledge is very important."

With his passion for helping as many people as possible regain their health in a holistic way, Lynn established Healthystars three years ago in Plaza Singapura, and opened another outlet in Raffles City Shopping Centre two months ago. He has further plans for expansion in Singapore, and also intends to teach as many people as possible what he knows about health and nutrition.

At Healthystars, Lynn and his team use the latest diagnostics equipment to find out the status of their patients' health and advise them on how to improve upon it. He spends approximately an hour with each patient trying to find out what lifestyle changes they need to make, to effect positive changes in their health.

Apart from cancer and diabetic patients, Lynn has also treated patients who are obese and cannot lose weight despite exercising and dieting. He regularly organises health talks free-of-charge for organizations such as Seng Kang Secondary School, the Autistics Association of Singapore and OCBC.

John Lynn's Tips for Overall Wellness
• Minimize the use of plastic food/drink containers.
• Eradicate foods with animal steroids, which are commonly fed to farm-bred fish like Pacific Dory and seabass, as well as common livestock like cattle to speed up their growth, from your diet.
• Reduce intake of processed and artificial foods such as Spam, sausages and hamburgers.
• Minimize intake of food chemicals such as preservatives, monosodium glutamate (MSG), sodium benzoate and nitrates which are commonly found in sauces such as soya sauce and tomato ketchup.
• Incorporate more whole grain foods and real food i.e. non-processed meats and vegetables into your daily diet.
• Take nutritional supplements to ensure your body has enough nutrients.

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